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Online Tax Filing Options

Online tax filing is a great option for many taxpayers. There are many free or low-cost ways to file electronic tax returns for federal, state and many local taxing authorities. Filing online is also faster than mailing returns. Submitting tax forms online is a very secure way to file and allows the taxpayer to even track the status of their return through the website. To get the most benefit out of e-filing their returns, the user should explore their options and choose what will work best for them.

For federal returns, the IRS offers a program called Free File for anyone with an adjusted gross income of less than $58,000. All filers are also eligible to use Free File Fillable Forms. These are the standard tax forms that allow all lines to be populated on the computer and then submitted via the IRS website. For people who prefer additional support when completing their taxes, most tax programs like TurboTax and tax preparation companies like H&R Block offer free federal filing with their services.

Each state and local taxing authority has different rules for electronic filing, but most allow online filing via tax preparation software or services. Sometimes there will be an extra charge for state filings, but this is usually a nominal amount and less than twenty dollars. Some states have online forms that users can populate and submit through the state revenue service website.

When filing federal taxes online, the IRS will notify the taxpayer that they have accepted the return. They will also notify the filer if there is an issue or mistake on the return so that they can correct and re-file in a timely fashion and avoid any interest or fees. By filing online, the taxpayer can get their refund in as little as two weeks, especially if they choose to receive the refund via direct deposit. This can be several weeks faster than it takes when filing via the mail.

Online filing is also a much "greener" option for those concerned about the environment. The user can complete all forms on their computer and submit without using any paper. The completed forms can be saved directly to a hard drive or external drive, completely eliminating the need for paper copies of the returns. Environmentalists will also note that there will be less additional environmental costs associated with filings such as emissions from postal delivery vehicles.

Overall, most people will find that they will benefit from filing their taxes via the internet. For some people the benefits may just be the time savings of being able to quickly fill out and submit their forms. For others, there will be a significant benefit of receiving their refund significantly earlier than they would have by traditional methods.

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